Besplatne ili Premium / Placene WordPress TemeThe appearance of the wordpress site largely depends on the theme you selected. After installing wordpress, the default theme is usually the one you get in the wordpress package (these are the most common themes with similar names: Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen …).

Although the default themes have come a long way, in terms of appearance and functionality, most often they do not meet the needs of more demanding projects (clients).

No worries, there are professional (premium) wordpress (hereinafter referred to as “wp”) themes that most often have already prepared template designs that you can activate with 1 click (import demo content option) as well as numerous plugins, user support , and so on.

Before we dismiss free wp themes, lets compare them with professional:

Free themes

Pros: they are free

Cons: A lot of them do not have regular updates, their developments do not offer free customer support (most of the times), theme’s quality is not on on high level…

Premium themes

Pros: functionality, security, regular updates, translation ready, customer support (24/7 in some cases), prepared layouts…
Cons: they don’t come free of charge and the prices vary (most often they cost around 60 USD)

Next we will consider things to pay attention for when choosing a premium wp theme. Note: These are things I personally pay attention to when buying a ttheme, the list is by no means complete, and if you have any additional suggestion or tip on the subject, please leave a comment below.

Choose the theme that fits your (or your clients) business

This is the first item on my list. At under the menu “WordPress”, you can choose the desired subcategory (corporate, ecommerce, personal …) in accordance with your (or your client’s) needs. For example, if you are designing the dental office site, you can search with the term “dental”, and the search will list topics for that purpose …

Pay attention to the reviews

Now that you have a list of potential themes to choose from, you need to pay attention to reviews and grades. It is not enough to pay attention only to the grade, but also to the number of people who graded the theme. Reviews are very useful because you can read the experiences of people who used the theme before you, which can be very useful!

Look for the perfect layout

Look to do the job with as little trouble as possible. If the theme already comes with a layout solution that is similar to your design layout for the site, take advantage of it (and fine-tune it using CSS).

Read the documentation

After completing all the previous steps,take your time and read the documentation well. The themes tend to look flawless when looking at live demos, because the author shows wants to make a lot of sales, but realistic options are listed in the documentation (among other things).

Choose “simpler” themes

Many professional wordpress themes come with a lot of complex layouts, animations, colors, unnecessary modules, sections … It’s best to look for a theme based on the layout that suits you and possibly choose one without much extra unnecessary options/modules… Such themes will not overload the site in terms of site speed and the chance of the conflicts between plugins / themes / wordpress version is lower.

Other things to pay attention to is the frequency of the update of the theme, the speed of customers service reaction to the customer support request, the price …

These are just some of the tips and if you want to add something or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.