My name is Aleksandar Cvetic and I work as a web designer and SEO expert. I started gaining experience in this field a little over ten years ago with Adobe Photoshop, which I used to create my first websites. Soon thereafter I began converting my PS designs into HTML code, thereby creating complete web solutions (from Photoshop design to HTML-CSS-JS web pages). In parallel with perfecting the creation of static websites, I honed my designer skills by learning to create “auxiliary” web graphics (icons, banners, sliders and the like).

Around six years ago, I shifted my interests toward WordPress. Again came years of improvement and many projects completed with the help of this exquisite CMS. Upon request from a US-based client and using previously prepared .psd design, I created my first WordPress theme. Thereupon I started receiving an increased number of offers where I was required to build projects from scratch. This point marks the beginning of the introduction of the SEO component in the project development process, and hence, aside from coding itself (which, depending on the client’s requirements, is done using HTML-CSS-JS, Bootstrap or WordPress), I was also tasked with research of market, competition and keywords; optimization of website performance as regards speed and user experience (UX); onsite SEO, installation of necessary modules/plugins and implementation of Google analytics; and control and monitoring of website results. At one point of my carrier I was also drawn to digital signage, which resulted in a large number of graphic and audio-visual presentations.

Although I did many jobs with a lot of success, the results in the area of Google website optimization (SEO) definitely stood out. In time, my interests in this field have grown into a mild obsession; and with results improving, more and more work came, mostly from abroad. Today, the list of clients content with my SEO services has expanded quite a bit and includes citizens of both Europe and the United States.

On the Portfolio and References page, you can find out more about my projects and clients I was employed by.

Today I am mostly engaged in projects that represent a combination of web design and SEO. Also, I conduct training for an increasing number of individuals and groups of people working in companies owned by clients who hired me. For certain London-based clients, I conducted training in English language.

My complete knowledge of “the web” enables me to constantly provide consulting services and solve a wide variety of problems on my clients’ websites (most often, this comes down to Google penalty removal, website re-optimization and similar tasks).

Here are some other duties I have performed as part of various projects: social media marketing, e-commerce and email marketing; website domain and hosting setups; writing website use- and SEO instruction manuals; SSL certificate setup; project management in big teams; photographing, google adwords

  • SEO 90%
  • Html & Css 90%
  • WordPress 90%
  • Photoshop 85%
  • User Experience 85%
  • Digital Signage 80%
  • Social Media Marketing 80%
  • Opencart 80%
  • Drupal 70%

My certificates:


Html 5 Sertifikat

User Experience

Marketing Sertifikat


Bootstrap Sertifikat


E-business Sertifikat


E-business Sertifikat

Social Media

Bootstrap Sertifikat


Marketing Sertifikat

Buffer App

Html 5 Sertifikat
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