You were probably very nervous when you first saw a new wordpress editor on your site?

I guarantee you that you are not the only one, judging by the number of negative comments we can find at almost every step where this editor is mentioned (there are praises as well, to be honest).

The good news is that things do not look as bad as you think!

In this post I will try to clarify and simplify the whole story related to this new wordpress plugin, which has caused so many negative reactions.

I will answer questions related to the definition, alternatives, advantages and disadvantages that accompany this wordpress editor.

Many are wondering if they can use the old editor instead of Gutenberg ?! The answer is YES, as you will soon find out how!

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new visual editor (some also call it Block Editor), which replaced the one that we have been used to and used over the years.

Where does the name come from??

This editor is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. Learn more here.

What is the difference between the old and the new editor?

In addition to a clear visual difference (see the images below), there is a difference in the way it works. While the old editor looked and had the same functionality as Microsoft Word, Gutenberg uses “Drag and Drop” system that allows us to build a “layout” of the page/post faster and allows us to add widgets directly to the page with ease, among other things.

Stari wp editor

Old WordPress editor

Novi Wp Editor Gutenberg


What to me seems to be the biggest drawback for Gutenberg (looking from a UX perspective) is that it can create a problem for those who use Screen Reader (such as people who have problems with eyesight) while surfing, negatively affecting the sites UX (Accessibility).

How to install Gutenberg?

It’s actually really easy to do, just update the wordpress to the latest version or install the plugin with the same name (if you want to learn how to install the wordpress plugin, I suggest you look at this post).

Can i use the old editor instead of Gutenberg and how?

Of course, you only need to install Clasic Editor Plugin.

Just wanted to go over the basic as i will discuss some specific Gutenberg techniques in detail, in one of the future blog posts 😉