What is the definition of SEO?

There are different SEO definitions out there, all of them describing the same thing in different manner, but we can all agree that it is the process of applying various techniques in order to optimize our sites information for better/increased visibility in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…), thus making the information presented on our site easier for search engines to index and rank higher in their search result. This will do miracles for your online/offline business, if other conditions are in place.

Take a look at this interesting animated video, which explains what SEO is in a simple way.

We can break SEO down into smaller tasks, in order to describe it better

Those tasks are:

  • SEO website analysis (audit)
  • Keyword research
  • On-page (On-site) SEO
  • Off-page (Off-site) SEO / Link Building
  • Technical SEO

Basic SEO Checklist for your site

If you take a look at the infographic, you can see some basic but very useful tasks that you could add to your own SEO checklist.


  • Setup Webmaster Tools (Search Console)
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Perform Keyword Research
  • Perform competitor analysis


  • Use keywords in your urls
  • Avoid using long urls
  • Optimize image meta tags
  • Add quality content
  • Use keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize internal link structure

Technical SEO:

  • Fix crawl errors and broken links
  • Optimize your site for mobile
  • Add SSL
  • Optimize site’s performance
  • Use Schema markup
  • Use multimedia


  • Create link building strategy
  • Launch your link building campaign
  • Measure success using seo reports
SEO Checklist for 2019

What is the price of SEO services?

The price of SEO services depends upon a variety of factors, such as:

  • Current site’s rankings
  • Websites “age” (is it a new, older or redesigned website? Based on the answer, different sets of techniques will be applied)
  • Technology used to build the site
  • Existence of Google Penalty
  • Site’s size
  • Number of keywords to be optimized
  • Strength of the competitors
  • and so on…
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SEO – search engine optimization allows you to rank in the top search results for certain keywords. If your company sells sports equipment, the goal of optimization is to rank your site in the top results for that keyword (sports equipment), above the other pages dealing with the same or similar work, which will result in more of your website hits (visits), and therefore increased sales of your products on the Internet. In this regard in addition to standard web design services, i also offer search engine optimization, this service resulted in increased visits and higher sales of the optimized websites, leaving my clients very pleased. I will present the results of my work in some of the future posts. Therefore, i suggest that during the development of your site, you pay attention to this segment of  web-design, because in addition to the appearance and functionality of the site, SEO is one of the essential and most-needed additions to your internet business and your sites rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Results

The results are presented below, with websites address above and the report below (click on the banner). You can see he keywords in the first column and the Google ranking for that word in the following columns. Search engine as well as the date of the report have also been specified.

Keyword position explanation: For example, position 24 means that the position of the site for that keyword is fourth position on a third page (each page shows 10 positions), position 12 would mean that the site ranks in second place on the second page

SEO Results 2019 / Updated
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