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Website maintenance

You own a website and do not have a webmaster who maintains it? This can cause problems and affect your business. Updating the site helps you in dealing with healthy competition. Site maintenance is done by agreement: inserting content, images, texts and other documents. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance of the site.

Digital Signage Usluge Beograd

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a term used to describe the modern way of promoting, advertising and presenting information via digital panels and from a remote location. Digital panels (screens / displays) can be placed inside and outside the facility (there are special protection frames used in that case). There is the ability to merge multiple screens into one Mega Panel. With digital signage, the possibilities are unlimited, you can present your projects, websites, static and dynamic content, photos, price lists, menus … You can read more on this link.

Usluge prevodjenja sajtova, Beograd - Srbija

Translating the website

Translation of your website to a foreign language is an investment and not an expense. Multilingual website allow you to cover a larger market and introduce yourself to potential partners / buyers / customers outside of their country. In this regard, we offer translations from and into the following languages​​: English, Serbian, Russian and Norwegian.

Ostale Web Dizajn Usluge


In addition to standard web design services, we also offer logo design services, renting a domain for your site (site address, for example: web-design.com and web-dizajn.rs …), providing hosting services so that you don’t have to,making a safety copies of your website (backup)…