Domain Authority, what is it?

Domain authority (MOZ) is score which ranges from 0 to 100 (100 being the best score) that tells us about the ability of internet site to rank in search engines. The higher the Domain Authority (DA) score, the higher chance for a site to rank well on search engines and vice versa.

The importance of DA

“Google” does not exactly state that DA is connected to sites ability to rank well on search engines, but based on the research done by many professionals, the sites that rank well on search engines have high DA score as well.
DA has mostly replaced Page Rank (PR), since many professionals claim that the PR ranking system is outdated and irrelevant, nowadays.

Domain Authority Factors

Although there are over 100 factors to calculate the DA, most important are:

  • Backlink count and their quality
  • Refering domains count
  • Domain age
  • Social signals
  • Site performance
  • Quality of site’s content
  • Moz trust

How to improve DA?

In short we need to check our Domain Authority Score. Then we need to optimize the internal links of our site. Once that is done, we need to enrich our site with high quality content. After that we need to start with gaining good quality backlinks.