WordPress Tutorial

Instalacija Wp Teme

Postoje 2 načina: 1. Instalacija preko wordpress kontrolne table To možete uraditi tako što odete ne IZGLED i(li) na podstavku TEME. Nakon toga možete kliknuti na dugme iznad „Dodaj novu“ Nakon toga ćete biti preusmereni na stranu gde ćete moći...

WordPress Tutorial Intro

Welcome and thank you for the interest shown in this course! The following chapters are intended for all those who want to learn the basics of WordPress.

What is wodrpess?

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for website development. Based on data published in late March 2017, this CMS (Content Management Sys…

WordPress Plugins

In most cases, the functionality offered by the WordPress installation and a particular theme is not enough to meet all the standards of modern web design. Aware of this fact, the creators..

SEO Blog

SEO trends for 2017

As in previous years, this year I am also presenting to you the SEO trends I regard as dominant in 2017

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