What is web design?

Web design involves different phases and skills, all in order to create an ideal web site (site) that is the perfect solution for clients’ needs. Some of the necessary skills in the field of web design are: graphic and interface design, knowledge of html / css / js code, UX… Some of the web design services I offer are:

Izrada Web Sajta - Beograd, Srbija

Creating Static (html / css / javascript / flash) website

If you need a simple presentation website, which contains 5-10 pages, we suggest a static website. Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, these sites features: modern design, functionality, simplicity, high speed loading.

Izrada CMS Sajta - Beograd, Srbija

Creating CMS website

For more demanding website, we suggest  a dynamic PHP site. These sites are mostly madeusing CMS (Content Management System), i commonly use WordPress and Joomla.Creating this type of a website allows clients to manage the site on their own, perform changes to the site, updated articles, backs up the site’s content…

Izrada Online Prodavnice/Shop-a - Beograd, Srbija

Creating a web store (online shop)

If part of your business consists of selling products or services, it’s a good idea to create an online shop. Online stores have a lot of options that give you complete control over your online selling business. You can manage prices, quantities, descriptions of your products, track and archive orders…