Website Redesign consists not only of a visual change, but also of a site optimization for the needs of visitors (User Experience). The sites are redesigned most often due to their old-fashioned appearance, and the lack of functionality, which leads to poor performance of the site on search engines.
Most people think that the process of designing the site ends when the site is published online. Not quite. the design process continues afterwards, because of the new web design standards and trends that change very fast. If you are not aware of this, your site may become “out of date” very soon.

Redizajn Sajta / Pre i Posle

When is the perfect time to redesign?

  • First of all, the question should be asked: When is the site designed? If the answer is: Three or more years ago, then it’s the right time to redesign, because the changes in this industry happen on a daily, weekly, at best a monthly basis!
  • If you notice that your competition has more modern, more fun and more functional websites than yours, do not hesitate, and start the redesign process as soon as possible!

There are certain sites, which, despite being designed many years ago, continue to operate at a high level. In these cases, it is enough to refresh the content of the site, and to improve SEO.