Its a known facct that Divi is a very popular wordpress theme, but did you know that you could deactivate the Gutenberg using the theme’s options? If you need to find out more about Gutenberg, please read this article.

Ok, so what you need to make sure is that you have the latest Divi version installer, in order to reactivate the old editor!

Go to your wp dashboard and click on the DIVI tab, which is commonly located to the bottom left of the dashboard.

After that click on the „BUILDER tab“, and then on the „ADVANCED tab“ and activate „Enable Classic Editor button“, as shown on the image below.

How to activate the old wordpress editor using the Divi theme / 2019

If you activate the „Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience button“, you will still have the old editor activated, but the divi builder interface will be slightly different.

Hope that this article has helped you deactivate Gutenberg, if you don’t wanna use it, for any reason!

If you ahve any questions or suggestions for the subject of my future posts, feel free to leave a comment and share this article on social networks, so that your friends could deactivate Gutenberg with ease (if they are using the Divi theme, which they might be 🙂 ).