If you haven’t already, please get familiar with Domain Authority, by reading this blog post.

How to improve Domain Authority score?

  1. Optimize your content

    As we know, quality and relevance of your On-page content is one of the most important SEO factors. I advise that you should reformat the textual content, so that you highlight the most important keywords (use variations, do not stick with the keyword repetition, as it could do more harm than good), making them italicized, bold or underlined.

    This will lead for better UX, as the important parts will be highlighted and usability will be improved. The content should be more detailed and long formed.

  2. Write share worthy content

    As it is case with this post, you should write (from time to time, don’t overdo anything, but keep it “organic”) the “TOP LIST” posts. Always include a number in post title. Here are some examples:

    • The top 30 ways to prepare delicious ice cream
    • Top 20 marketing experts on Linkedin
    • Top 5 proven ways to increase your sites visibility in Search engines…

    Alongside this one, i would advise that you include INFOGRAPHICS in your posts, as the visual content gets shared lot more than “boring” textual articles.

  3. Improve Internal Linking Structure

    When talking links, most of SEOs automatically think of backlinks (external links), while forgetting that there are internal links as well.

    Why should one be improving the internal linking structure, you might ask?!

    Well, because we need to serve the best possible content and directions to our visitors, so that they could easily find what they are looking for.

    Correctly placed internal links will minimize the possibility of our visitors leaving (worse case scenario bouncing) our site, because they are “lost” and cannot find the thing they are looking for.

  4. Get High Authority (Quality) while avoiding Spammy links

    Lets start with the Spammy ones, what are they exactly?
    Those are the links coming from pages that:

    • Are not indexed
    • Have spammy domain names
    • Have “out of date” design
    • Have bad performance (site load speed)
    • Have not been optimized for mobile devices…

    On the other hand, getting the links from High Authority sites will do wonders for your site’s SEO. High Authority sites are basically the opposite of the above mentioned Spammy links.

  5. Improve The Loading speed of your site

    Load speed could affect your site’s bounce rate, as no one have time to wait for the page to load for 10 seconds, or more. This will most likely result in exit or bounce!
    Site’s performance is a verified Google Ranking Factor and it also affects the Rank Brain signals indirectly.

You can use the info graphic provided, as a reminder of the top 5 things to do in order to improve your site’s Domain Authority score.

*This is by no means a complete list, as there are other factors that you might consider… These are the ones i have personally used and the ones i believe have proved effect on your Domain Authority (DA) Score.

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